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At Codaxy, we believe in the power of human ingenuity coupled with the potential of technology. We pride ourselves on our wealth of industry knowledge that sets us apart from our competitors.

Our Foundation, Your Advantage

In order to create a complex solution that is technologically advanced yet easy to use, many things need to come together.

The key people on the project started laying the groundwork for such a solution over 20 years ago, and our collaborative projects have taught us how to make it happen.

A team of network experts with two decades of experience and CCIE certifications, who spearheaded the digital transformation of telecom operators, skilled developers with prestigious programming accolades, business analysts, and other essential professionals have worked together for over a decade on more than 35 successful projects.

Through this collaboration, we have developed effective methodologies and streamlined organization, enabling us to achieve something truly outstanding in our field.

This culminated in 2018 when we began our successful collaboration with Vodafone Ziggo, Netherland's leading telco supplier.

In addition to telco projects, we gained a lot of insight from our work with clients in fintech, legal, and other industries - visit Codaxy for more information on the projects.

Our Flagship Product

Our expertise and insights have culminated in the creation of CxOrchestrator, a software that embodies our commitment to operational efficiency and user-centric design.

Our goal was to bring together the best of what we have learned from working with telco companies and the latest trends in system integration.

We are confident that CxOrchestrator is the ultimate platform for process automation and system orchestration in the telco industry. It can easily be adapted to other industries where multi-component projects need to be managed with precision and efficiency.

Why Choose Codaxy?

By choosing Codaxy, you're not just opting for a product—you're entering into a partnership that is deeply rooted in industry expertise.

We know the pain points, the bottlenecks, and what it takes to deliver robust software solutions that can stand the test of time and adapt to evolving industry standards.

It's this deep understanding that enables us to deliver faster, better, and more efficient results than our competitors, time and again.

Our Experts

Duško ĐurićDuško Đurić

Duško Đurić is an accomplished Senior Network Solutions Architect with a remarkable 16-year track record in the telco and service provider industries. CCIE certified with an academic background from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, he possesses both technical prowess and theoretical knowledge. His expertise lies in Network Automation and Orchestration, Network Architecture and Design, and Business Process and Requirements Analysis. These proficiencies position him as a valuable contributor, who can deliver innovative and efficient solutions that meet the challenges and demands of the modern network environment.

Marko StijakMarko Stijak

Marko Stijak is the CEO and co-founder of Codaxy and the creator of the CxJS framework. His problem-solving skills and leadership have been instrumental in driving the company's success. His deep understanding of web technologies, software engineering, and business processes ensures excellent results on every project. Marko's passion for programming has been evident since his school days when he actively participated in numerous competitions and even achieved a bronze medal in the International Olympiad in Informatics.

Igor TimaracIgor Timarac

Igor Timarac, the CTO and co-founder of Codaxy, is a Software architect with full-stack development background. His attention to detail and commitment to quality earned the trust of high-profile clients. With a firm grasp of computer science fundamentals and teaching experience at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Igor has been a driving force behind Codaxy's diverse projects.

Vladimir DangubićVladimir Dangubić

Combining over a decade of managerial experience with a strong IT background as an engineer, Vladimir Dangubić excels in leading teams and driving successful product development at Codaxy. His profound understanding of software development and product requirements empowers him to bring solutions that meet clients' needs with unwavering commitment and timely delivery. At Codaxy, Vladimir's broad responsibilities encompass strategic planning, business development, project oversight, and ensuring compliance with operations and business processes. With an impressive array of certifications, including ITIL, PSM, and GDPR/ISO 27001, Vladimir's expertise is second to none.

Radmila KecmanRadmila Kecman

Radmila Kecman, with an impressive 20-year career, is a trusted authority in business analysis, project management, and delivery expertise. Her unique skill set, acquired through software development and managerial roles, adeptly tackles communication and organizational challenges. Numerous certifications, including B.Math.Comp.Sci., PMP, PMI-PBA, AHPP, PSM II, and ITIL F, reflect her exceptional proficiency.

Saša BlagojevićSaša Blagojević

Saša Blagojević is a highly experienced professional with an impressive track record spanning more than 10 years in the IT industry. With expertise in sales, business development, project management, and product development, Saša is our go-to person for driving business growth and successful sales strategies. His PSPO II certification reflects his mastery of product ownership and development processes, making him a valuable asset in delivering top-notch solutions. With a Bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering, Saša has the technical knowledge to be a strong advocate for our products and services.

Ognjen KatićOgnjen Katić

Ognjen Katić excels in crafting automated workflows for reconciliation, zero-touch provisioning, and service migrations. His expertise in Netflix Conductor and TMF standards is pivotal for projects like 'Sp1ne' - which was developed for VodafoneZiggo, Netherland's leading telco supplier, aimed to offer businesses a customizable and flexible platform for accessing network services. With a Bachelor’s in Computer Science and a naturally curious mind, Ognjen develops innovative solutions.

Nebojša PerićNebojša Perić

The implementation of advanced user interfaces using CxJS is Nebojša Perić's forte. Leading a team in developing an extensive application (counting approximately 300.000 lines of code), Nebojša's project pushed the boundaries of web application reach and brought us to a completely different understanding of what rich internet apps could be.

Andrej ŠimićAndrej Šimić

In charge of developing telco eCommerce (this app enables customers to order complex, interconnected products and sign contracts that are checked and validated multiple times - the portal also features administrative features) as well as SelfCare (a web application that allows users to easily configure their network's communication protocols and services without missing important information about status and performances) Andrej's technical expertise and leadership skills are exceptional. His expertise in leading complex development projects and his academic background from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering ensure Codaxy's telco solutions are top-notch.

Aleksandar MilićAleksandar Milić

Aleksandar Milić is a seasoned expert in automating fiber networks and R-Phy technologies. His key strength lies in creating robust APIs that seamlessly integrate with essential systems like Nokia Altiplano, Kafka, Elasticsearch, Operations Support Systems, and Infoblox. These APIs serve as vital connectors, enhancing network performance and service delivery. With a systematic approach and strong Computer Science background, Aleksandar consistently delivers exceptional solutions that precisely meet our clients' unique needs.