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Experience the power of personalized network management with CxOrchestrator. Our platform is designed to address your specific needs and deliver agile, customized solutions.

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CxOrchestrator Is a Solution Uniquely Tailored to Your Needs

"Out-of-the-box" solutions for network orchestrations often fall short due to slow execution, immature products, and excessive pricing. CxO takes a different approach.

We believe that true out-of-the-box solutions don't exist. Instead, our modular approach allows us to lay the groundwork fast, and then focus on developing features - according to your specific needs - that couldn't usually be delivered OOTB.

CxO is a product of Codaxy, a software solutions company with extensive experience in the telco industry, as well as different industry-leading platforms.

That expertise, combined with the flexibility of our modular orchestration platform, allows us to quickly extend your existing network services with additional features and customize them to fit your exact use cases.

This level of flexibility empowers our customers with increased agility, reduced complexity, and seamless integration with external systems for the fastest time to market (TTM).

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Harness the Power of Microservices Architecture

At the core of CxO lies a highly modular and scalable microservices architecture. This intelligent design allows for the deployment of different modules based on specific use cases and customer requirements. It enables seamless integration and customization, ensuring that CxO adapts perfectly to your unique needs.

Customer Order management
Service Order management
Resource Order Manager
Party Management TMF632
Party Role Management TMF669
Customer Management TMF629
Digital Identity TMF720
Federated Identity TMF691
User Roles and Permissions TMF672
Geo address / site
IDM Keycloak
Party Engine

With our microservices exposed via TMForum open APIs, CxO offers compatibility that extends beyond the telecom sector, serving as an ideal solution for all industries requiring advanced business process orchestration.

The scalability of our solution makes it well-suited for both large service providers and smaller companies with limited infrastructure and a lower volume of daily orders.

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Hybrid and Brownfield Network Support

Our approach differs from other providers who push their preferred ecosystems. We're not a hardware vendor. Rather, we focus on designing solutions that boast flexibility, enabling seamless integration with any components you currently employ.

CxO can be easily integrated with any third-party solution and its unique network and services discovery and reconciliation algorithm allows it to be plugged into a legacy environment with minimal effort.

The platform can also manage different hybrid network models due to its open, vendor-agnostic architecture and integration capabilities.

This enables orchestration even in brownfield networks where legacy devices are used along with new greenfield devices.

This approach, and the fact that CxO is composed using well-known open-source components, guarantees no vendor lock-in for you, promoting autonomy and freedom in your operations.

Faster Time to Cash through End-to-End Automation

The CxO platform can easily automate end-to-end delivery, cutting down time to cash and reducing manual processes. It enables the generation of customized offers for customers based on their choices and needs, ensuring accurate proposals are created efficiently.

Once a selection is made, this platform will automatically deliver products and services - providing a seamless process that boosts customer satisfaction and reduces operational costs. This eliminates manual intervention, minimizes errors, and improves the time-to-market (TTM) for offerings, products, and services.

By utilizing CxO's open, vendor-agnostic architecture and integration capabilities, businesses can enjoy faster time to cash through end-to-end automation - helping to streamline their delivery processes and improve their bottom line.

Customized Self-Service & Engineering Cockpits

Codaxy's CxJS framework allows for the fast and efficient development of various portals. The platform comes pre-installed with an admin portal that provides catalogs, workflow overviews, logs/alarms, user administration, a service design centar, and more.

Additionally, our custom self-service portals (visible to end customers) and engineering cockpits (for internal teams) provide a personalized experience for your customers.

The customer portal can be customized and branded to match the existing style of your business, thereby allowing customers to set up profiles and find information tailored to their needs - such as services or products based on location, contracts, and other relevant criteria. This helps speed up time to cash while streamlining delivery processes.

The Key Advantages of using CxO

Scalable Microservices Architecture

CxO utilizes a microservices architecture that scales horizontally and allows multiple development teams to work independently, ensuring efficient development, integration, testing, and deployment.

Easy Customization

All components of the system that need to be tailored to customer requirements can be easily customized, such as API adapters, provisioning workflows, specific portals, and more.

Flexible CI/CD Pipelines

The platform supports the creation of CI/CD pipelines in any environment, be it on-premises or in the cloud, making it easy to automate the development and delivery processes.

Seamless Integrations

CxO has already been integrated with various industry platforms, including Infoblox, Salesforce, Cisco Meraki, and more, facilitating smooth interoperability and extending its capabilities.

No Vendor Lock-in

The CxO platform has no preferred hardware ecosystem and can be integrated with any third-party solution ensuring that you are not tied to any specific vendor and allowing you to choose the best deployment options for your needs.

AI/ML Integration

CxO provides APIs for integration with AI/ML platforms, enabling closed-loop assurance and self-healing networks.

TMForum Open API Compatibility

CxO Network and Service orchestrator is exposed via TMForum Open APIs, providing compatibility and seamless integration with other systems in the telecom industry.

Engineering Scenarios

Engineering scenarios, such as capacity upgrades and network element ZTP, are defined in the same catalog and exposed in a standardized manner, simplifying operations.

Fine-Grained Role-Based Access Control

The platform offers a secure environment with fine-grained RBAC, ensuring that access to the platform and its APIs is fully controlled and authenticated. Integration with external identity management systems like Azure AD or Google is also supported.

Reconciliation and Orchestration

CxO supports the reconciliation of devices, network topology, and services directly to the databases running in microservices, allowing orchestration even in complex brownfield environments.

Automated Rollback Mechanism

CxO includes a generic automated rollback mechanism, preventing broken processes from causing network pollution or disruptions. Failed steps can be retried or resumed to ensure smooth operation.

CxJS Framework and Portals

Codaxy's CxO comes with the CxJS framework, enabling the quick development of various portals. It includes an Admin portal for catalog management, workflow overview, logs, alarms, and user administration. Custom SelfCare portals and an Engineering Cockpit are available for specific customer and internal team needs.

Scheduled Workflows

Repetitive workflows, such as reconciliation sync with the network, can be scheduled to streamline operations and maintain accurate inventory.

Extensive Integration Capabilities

CxO can integrate with SDN/NFV controllers and other backend systems, enabling end-to-end orchestration of telco services across mobile, fixed access, data centers, cloud, video headends, and voice cores.

Cross-Functional Expertise

The CxO team comprises experienced network engineers and software developers with deep telco knowledge. Their expertise ensures that customer requirements are understood and implemented optimally.

E2E Orchestrated Customer Journey

CxO, as a suite of products, offers an orchestrated end-to-end customer order-to-cash journey, empowering digital transformation in the telecom industry.

Choose CxO to leverage these advantages and optimize your network management and service delivery.

Technology Stack

Several well-known technologies were utilized to build the CxO platform.

For our front-end development, we used CxJS, an open-source JavaScript framework developed by Codaxy.

For the back end, we used the widely recognized .NET platform, which enabled the development team to leverage its extensive libraries and frameworks. This choice ensured scalability, security, and seamless integration with other enterprise systems.

We used the Postgres database as the foundation for storing and managing critical business data, and Netflix Conductor as a microservice orchestrator to enhance the scalability and reliability of the system.

This powerful tool simplified the coordination and management of individual microservices, enabling seamless communication and ensuring the smooth execution of complex business processes.